The OR Society is delighted to announce two new sub-brands; one for Operational Research in Schools and the other for Pro Bono Operational Research. These new sub-brands have been introduced to provide clarity and distinction between the services we provide. 

All three brands - the main OR Society brand, along with the two new sub-brands; Operational Research in Schools and Pro Bono Operational Research

Blue - OR in Schools

Now, you might have noticed we have been sporting a colour change recently... and that we have used the colour blue on our blog rather than red. If you've spotted this then no, you haven't gone crazy!

We often get a lot of teachers that don't think we're relevant to them and walk straight past us as they don't understand how we can help. The aim is that with the new sub-brand, we'll make it clearer the type of services we provide to educational establishments - such as free career talks, free visits and free career advice.

Anything that now falls under the Operational Research in School category (so anything that involves school children, school teachers or similar) will now be using the blue logo. This logo will be used at teacher conference events, at school career fairs and at 

Green - Pro Bono

Pro Bono OR, still in its prime, continues to provide information, news, events and opportunities to third sector organisations and pro bono volunteers. Using a strong visual, we are able to continue to deliver our strong aims:
 To help third sector organisations to do a better job, impacting upon desired outcomes, and build capacity by using the skills of volunteer OR analysts and consultants both established and student.
  • To promote awareness and understanding of the benefits of OR across the third sector and to wider audiences.
  • To give OR analysts an opportunity to practice in a wider arena and develop their knowledge and skills.
From this point on, Pro Bono OR will be sporting its green colour, with pride, across all communication platforms. If you're looking for opportunities, training or news about the third sector then our new logo gives you the green light to access all of the relevant information.  

As always, we're keen to hear your thoughts and what you think of the new brand. Get in touch with any questions, comments or compliments for the new logos!

Email us: schools@theorsociety.com


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