Meeting Royalty (HRH Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle)

Meeting Royalty
(HRH Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle)

It's Tuesday morning and somehow between loading up boxes and prepping for the Big Bang Fair (which starts tomorrow) I've found the time to write this post! Last week I was super busy - running volunteer training in Leicester and attending career fairs and of course, the highly anticipated event of the week.. meeting ROYALTY!! 

And it wasn't just any royalty - I've had the pleasure of meeting HRH Prince Harry and Ms. Meghan Markle (quite impressive I must admit!). When I came into the office Friday morning everyone was keen to know how the day went. So rather than it just being the office staff who got to find out, I thought I'd write my latest blog on it so you too can know!

How did I get involved? Obviously that's a pretty good question - I'm not exactly the queen and I don't happen to mix in those circles so it must have been for a reason! And the reason was a very good one indeed - International Women's Day. 

The day, organised by the Stemettes and hosted at Millenium Point involved celebrating and showcasing the work of women in STEM Subjects (STEM being Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). There were of course some fantastic female role models present (finance director, engineers, app developers and many more alongside royalty) which all helped to inspire the next generation of females. 

From local schools, 90 girls attended the event, taking part in tech challenges in the morning (Makey Makey, Hack The Web and Enigma Cyphers) and then a panel event in the afternoon. They got the chance to experience all the different games and tasks, whilst being surrounded by royalty. Girls on my table got the chance to talk to Prince Harry about the Hack the Web activity they were using - including the type of website they were hacking, what they were creating on it and how they were finding it.They also got the chance to chat to Ms. Markle about the activities and one girl in particular was thrilled to have a 5 minute discussion with her!

Following that, the winners from a competition asking girls to write about their most inspiring female role models took to the stage to deliver their speeches. Space gynaecologist Dr Varsha Jain, Regiment Lt. Co. Lynn Ray and Dr Anne-Marie featured as the inspiring role models, showing that successful females can excel in typically male dominated fields. 

There's a full write up about all the wonderful things that the Stemettes got involved with for International Women's Day here along with the speeches from the three school girls here.

That's it for the moment - I've got boxes to unpack, tablecloths to lay and all sorts ahead of tomorrow's fair!

Interested? Bored? Hopefully not the latter ….

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