Back into the swing of things

Back into the swing of things

January’s blog had a distinct focus on the year; where we were heading, what we were doing and when we were visiting places. January is now over (thankfully for me – it’s never my favourite part of the year; far too cold)!! Instead it’s February (yay) and this for me is when we’re back into the swing of events, visits and training.

Part of my focus is volunteer training. I harp on about it all the time; but volunteers are ESSENTIAL to what we do; they are the life blood of our outreach and education work and we couldn’t do what we do without them! They give up hours of their time to inspire and engage young people. Therefore, I reckon it’s only fair we train them! (Besides what I think, there’s also lots of wonderful evidence produced by the NCVO that shows training volunteers is fundamental).

If you’re wondering what volunteer training involves; why not come along?! It’s open to ANYONE with an interest in spreading the usefulness of maths! Our training sessions are fun, free and rather informative. We’ve been down to Bristol, along to Brighton and next week I’m in Manchester running training up there. We’ll be visiting Bradford, York and other places over the next few months to ensure we try and reach as many of you as possible. After all, we are a global society and (whilst I definitely can’t fly out to Australia or America to run volunteer training), I definitely can visit different parts of the U.K.! 

Failing that; if you just want a little more engagement with the society - there's a reason in itself to come along. Meet other wonderful OR members, put a name to the face who sends all those emails (aka me) and find out a little more about some of the activities The OR Society get up to. 

So apart from training, what else is going on? Last week I attended a Big Bang Kick of meeting ahead of the national Big Bang Fair in March and I was thrilled to see the planning coming along so well! There were some huge, big name exhibitors there – organisations who had teams of people organising this event; including specialist being brought in left, right and centre. We’ve got none of that; it’s just me who’s in charge of organising, with input from the rest of the staff team and volunteers as required! It’s going to be GREAT though!

I’m so excited to be involved in it – with over 22,000 people visiting the fair each day, it’s going to be a day filled with lots of talking, lots of questions and lots of coffee! Think lots of interested students, lots of wonderful freebies, and of course lots of opportunities to shape the futures of young people.

We’ve still got a need for volunteers to help at with this; with that many young people each day I can’t man the stall by myself! Whilst we have some of you lovely people signed up already; we need more! If you’ve got even an hour or two to give up, we’d love your help! 

Employers can be great at supporting you for this type of event - If your company gives you some days a year to volunteer or give something back to the community, why not use your professional skills in a fun environment out of the office? This counts towards their corporate social responsibility and also towards your development!

Interested? Bored? Hopefully not the latter ….

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Manchester: Tue 6 Feb 2018, 17:00 – 19:00   -  SIGN UP NOW: BOOK

Leicester: Tue 6 March 2018, 15:00 – 17:00   -  SIGN UP NOW:  BOOK

York: Thu 12 April 2018, 14.00 – 16:00   - SIGN UP NOW:  BOOK

Liverpool: Tuesday 1st May 2018, 16.00 - 18.00 BOOK

Bradford: Tue 15th May 2018, 17.00 – 19.00 


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