Volunteer Training Sessions

Over the last 6 months I've ran various volunteer training sessions - I've been to South Wales, Brighton, London and Bristol. And all in the hope of inspiring and helping some of our wonderful volunteers!

Training is fundamental - you can't expect someone to get involved with something they don't know about, or expect them to demonstrate something they don't understand. And volunteer training is no different. They are giving up their time, skills and passion to share their experiences and pass on their knowledge, but you have to give them the tools to be able to do it. And that's where volunteer training comes in!

So what does it cover? I'm passionate about making sure the sessions are fun, engaging and hands-on, as well as informative and useful. So they cover all the bits you need to know (such as what the OR Schools Initiative is all about), as well as playing with Lego.

I'll tell you the background behind it - from where it started and how it's progressing (we've gone from a single volunteer helping the outreach activities, to a part-time staff member running it and most recently, two full-time staff members coordinating all the activities). I'll also cover why it's important (for both YOU and the young person(s) or student(s) you'll get the chance to interact with) and what's in it for you. 

For example, did you know we hold a volunteer celebration event every other year? We run it in conjunction with Pro Bono and it's our chance to say hello, thank you and remind you of all the wonderful work you've achieved. And it just so happens that the last one was in 2016 - which means 2018 is the year! So if you've volunteered with us - watch this space for invitations... !!

As well as the celebration event; 
-We cover your expenses for travel (Hopping on a bus or train? Just hang onto a receipt)
-Provide you with all the promotional material you could want (or need)
-Give you access to resources such as PowerPoint templates, videos, case scenarios
AND we'll support you the entire way. 

Plus you can develop your skills and expand your network - all for FREE. That means it doesn't cost you a penny. 

So, at the end of all that, I'm absolutely delighted to say we've arranged even MORE volunteer training for 2018 - including training in East Midlands as well as up North. It's a great chance for you to come along and learn more (plus there's always tea and cakes).

Volunteer Training in 2018:

Manchester: Tue 6 Feb 2018, 17:00 – 19:00 

Leicester: Tue 6 March 2018, 15:00 – 17:00

York: Thu 12 April 2018, 14.00 – 16:00 

Liverpool: Tuesday 1st May 2018, 16.00 - 18.00

Bradford: Tue 15th May 2018, 17.00 – 19.00 

Interested? Bored? Hopefully not the latter ….

Tweet us @ORinSchools or @TheORSociety or drop us an email: schools@theorsociety.com


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